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Lac is a sticky, resinous secretion of the tiny lac insect, Laccifer lacca, which is a species of scale insect. Indian Stick lac as well as Asian lacquer has traditionally been used as glue to make or repair farm equipment, connecting iron and wood. It has also been widely used for dyeing silk and cotton. There is a significant demand in the international market for high quality lac.

The significance of Lac lies in the fact that it is a sustainable livelihood for traditional communities as far apart as the Lakheras of Maharashtra to the Lemo in western Yunnan, southwest China. Lac is also significant in its yielding of several products, including resin for selling or trading, leafy shoots for vegetable, pericarps for making wax, roots and leaves for pesticide, dry resin for medicine, and seeds for vegetable oil extraction. More...

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Remains of simple dwellings carved out of piles of mammoth tusks bear testimony to the fact that man had found use for ivory in the pre-historic times. And, very soon by the beginning of civilization, ivory had found popularity as a medium for the expression of art and crafts... More...

About This Channel

The section on Art and Entertainment is designed to enable readers to understand how a particular culture expresses itself – in so doing they may gain a better understanding of the culture in question. Art and Entertainment forms express a culture’s language of leisure. They represent its deepest yearnings, hopes and sources of joy through sounds, actions and pictures.

The articles in the section will enable readers to discover unusual entertainment and art forms, as well as provide information on the latest trends in the Art and Entertainment scene. At their very core lies the sensibility that it is when people of different cultures delight in each other’s cherished art forms or means of entertainment, that they may be able to better understand each other as well as the world they inhabit together.

Did you know?

Kishangarh Paintings

  • Kishangarh miniature paintings are known for their sensuous portraits and landscapes.
  • Unlike other Folk Paintings, Kishangarh Paintings usually depict two themes – religious (especially of Radha-Krishna) and social (hunting and court scenes).
  • The rulers of Kishangarh worshipped Nritya Gopal, Krishna in the dancing pose. So many painters of this school portray the god and his consort, Radha.
  • Radha epitomises Rajasthani beauty in these paintings, with sensuous lips, high forehead, arched eyebrows and a pointed chin over a long narrow neck. The stylized curl of the hair around her ear is a hallmark of Kishangarh Paintings. More...


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