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Choice Editing

Choices govern our lives. With choices we make our mark on the world around us. Unlike the typical post-War scenario in western economies or earlier Communist regimes, markets the world over have for long been offering ever expanding choices with thousands of product lines on offer. Choice editing for sustainability is about cutting out unnecessarily damaging products and have enormous significance for the environment. Choice editing relates to consumption and consumerism. It is not only about what we shop but includes all the ways we adopt to use the earth’s resources. This not only includes what we eat and wear but also where we take our holidays and how we dispose of our waste. Through these four areas we generate four-fifth of our overall impact on the environment. More....

Contribution of the Week

Kids' Online Games

Image: Kids_Online_game.jpg

The Internet is full of kids’ educational games, interactive writing, animated stories, songs, kids puzzles, art, math, science, social studies, distance learning and much more. There are plenty of online games to stimulate your child's brain in a fun way. More...

About This Channel

The Home and Living section shows that creating a sustainable lifestyle for yourself is easier than you think. If you want to live in a green home, want to lessen the environmental impact of your home and daily life, want to breathe easier, this is the place to start. It offers you information that helps you make informed choices.

This is also an ideal platform for sharing ideas and information on improving the environmental sustainability of every aspect of our lives, including homes, cars, and everything in between. The articles in this section provide information on the specific products, technologies and lifestyle practices that can be employed to lower our carbon impact and overall impact on the planet.


Food Chain

  • One sea animal dissected by Dutch researchers contained 1,603 pieces of plastics.
  • One symptom of this practice of fishing down the food chain is that second-level creatures normally preyed upon by the fish at the top of the chain are increasingly appearing on restaurant menus.
  • An iceberg more than four times the size of Greater London is damaging marine wildlife off the coast of Antarctica by blocking sunlight to a huge expanse of ocean. This build-up of sea ice has killed the tiny marine phytoplankton.
  • A team of Canadian and American scientists say that the overfishing of large sharks has led to an explosion of small predators that are devastating populations of shellfish. More...

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