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Welcome to CopperWiki!

CopperWiki is a collaborative platform to share information, create awareness and offer choices for leading a balanced and sustainable life. It will focus on local practices, green and organic living, traditional knowledge, scientific research, and global issues at regional level. The idea is to familiarize individuals with the lifecycle of their actions, the cost and impact of each decision, and the choices available to them.

Unlike Wikipedia or Citizendium, CopperWiki is not an encyclopedia (a comprehensive reference work). It is not about the information; it is about wisdom (‘judicious application of knowledge’)i.e. knowledge with a utility. It will work like the world’s local wisdom bank.


Create Your Account

You need to do this as every article must have an owner. You cannot write/edit/talk unless you are logged-in. It also allows you to watch your articles, talk about your article, talk to other article owners, etc. These are the steps to follow:

  • Open
  • Click on ‘log in/create an account’, written on the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • A dialogue box appears with the title ‘Log in’. Its first line says ‘Don’t have a login? Create an account. Click on that and fill in details.

Put in your name as User Name and not some other name, as the User Name is what will show on page. So, I would want to appear as Bhavna Seth Ranjan on page rather than bhavnathetyrant, or some such thing. Therefore, I will type in Bhavna Seth Ranjan when giving User Name. Also, remember, it is case sensitive and we’re using Upper/lower and not ALL CAPS.

Before you start writing do take a look at purpose of CopperWiki, content guidelines and editorial guidelines. You also need to know what is appropriate for CopperWiki and what is not appropriate for CopperWiki.

How to Start an Article on a CopperWiki Page

  1. Enter your topic/title name in the GET KEYWORD/SEARCH box, which is right under the Log in/Create an account text. Once again, please remember to put key in exactly what you want the article title to appear as. For example, if it’s an article on lavender, key in Lavender and not lavender or LAVENDER. Remember, the software is case-sensitive, and once you’ve entered your article title, it cannot be changed/edited/deleted after that.
  2. If you get the message There is no page titled “Lavender”. You can create this page. Click on Create this page. If there is already an article by the name, it will take you to that page.
  3. The window Editing Lavender will open with an Editing Box. Either key in directly, or copy-paste from your Word doc. Do not give the heading or title of the article again, as the the default title has already been registered when you enter it into the GET KEYWORD/SEARCH box. Therefore, simply start with your introductory paragraph.
  4. Please DO NOT begin your paragraphs with a "tab" or "indent". Para breaks should be indicated with a line space. Do not use "tab" or “indent” as the text then appears in a strange border.
  5. Please give a line space after each paragraph, or else the text will appear as run-on text, without any breaks all through the copy.
  6. Please do not try and upload a text/doc file from link UPLOAD FILE under TOOLBOX (on the left-hand side on page), as that is only for uploading images. The formats for uploading images are png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Images can be converted to any of these formats very quickly through a software like Photoshop or any free image editing software available on all PCs.
  7. Next, use the editing tool bar (above the editing box where you’ve copy-pasted your article) to format your article—taking the cursor over each tool will tell you its function. Follow this link, Wiki Cheatsheet, for help with shortcuts for things like bullets, etc.
  8. You should basically have one definition or intro para and then, introduce the first sub-head. Remember, it is important to give sub-heads and to format them as such using the Editing Tool Bar (where it is defined as Level 2 Headline) as the Contents Box on your page is formed using these sub-heads. For example, once you have copy-pasted Lavender and given the opening para, and your first sub-head is Uses of Lavender (not uses of lavender, not Uses of lavender, not USES OF LAVENDER, but Uses of Lavender), highlight the text and click on the button in the Editing Tool Bar that says Level 2 Headline.
  9. To give bullet points, type * by pressing Shift+8 on your keyboard, please don't give the bullet as in your doc file as this software does not recognise that bullet. After the *, remember to give a space and a line space between two bullet points or the text will appear as run-on text.
  10. Select all the keywords that you want to link INTERNALLY to other existing articles in Copperwiki. Even if an article does not exist, when you give an INTERNAL link, it tells everybody that here is something that needs to be written about. An INTERNAL link can be given by highlighting the word and then clicking on the button in the Editing Tool Bar that says Internal Link.
  11. Make all your EXTERNAL reference links live—Remember to put http://www...... Or the link will not be a live one. Enclose the link in [ http://www... The Name Of The Article] Once again, there is a button for this Editing Tool Bar.
  12. Be sure to add References at the end of each article. Let’s standardize it to References and not have “Notes”; “Quoted Text” etc. Also, please keep in mind that references should simply be that, just references. Please do not lift text and use it verbatim in articles.
  13. After References have been given, please specify the Category/Categories, Subcategory/subcategories the article belongs to. See NOTE below on how to give categories.
  14. Click "Save page" at the end of all edits, or the change will not show.
  15. Check the box “Watch” on the top of the page to add your articles to your watch-list.
  16. All comments/inputs needed about an article should be left on the Discussion page, the button for which appears along with Edit, History, etc.

Add useful information to an existing article

To add useful information to an existing CopperWiki article, you can

  • Post the information on the discussion page of that article inviting debate on the information. If the information has been deemed useful by other CopperWiki members, then it cna be added to the main article itself.
  • Click on the edit tab on top of the page.
  • This will enable you to add information to either the introductory para, add an entirely new section, or add to an existing section. After adding the information, click on Show Changes or Show Preview to see the changes you have made. You can then save the page.
  • Click on the edit tab next to the section subheading where you want to add information.
  • If the information is commercial in nature -- the place where people can buy organic sunscreen or site where they can check out Eco Resort, then post that iformation on the discussion page of that article.

Edit an existing article

Editing most CopperWiki pages is easy. Simply click on the edit tab at the top of the page (or on a section-edit link). This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the original page. If you add information to a page, please provide references, as unreferenced facts are subject to removal. You will see the differences between the page with your edits and the previous version of the page by pressing the Show changes button. You can also press the Show Preview button to see what the page looks like with your changes. If you're satisfied with what you see, press the Save page button. Your changes will immediately be visible to all CopperWiki users.

Join the discussion on a topic

To join the discussion board, click on Discussion, the second tab/icon just above the article.

Moving ahead

The following pages will take you through CopperWiki, giving style and content guidance, information about the CopperWiki Team, and important policies and guidelines.

Before you start, check out What is CopperWiki? and What CopperWiki is not. Do take a look at Introduction.

If you have, then Let's learn about editing.