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  • To make sub-headings within the text, select text and press A, the fourth icon in the tool box above.
  • Select text and press B and I respectively for getting Bold and Italic in text.
  • For example -- bold and Italics
  • To give hyperlinks, links that lead to other pages on the site, either use plain brackets twice [[ ]] before and after the selected to text. The user can also select the text and click on the third icon in the tool box at the top of the editng page.
  • To make bullets, click on enter, and press * without leaving any space in between. Repeat the process for getting more bullet points

For example --

  • Step I
  • Step II
  • For numbering you points click on enter and then press #, the symbol written above the number 3 on you keyboard. To repeat the process, click enter and then press #.
  1. Step I
  2. Step 2.
  • To save you work, click on the Save Page icon at the bottom of the edit page.
  • To categorise your article write "Category: name of Category" and after selecting this, press the third icon in the tool box to give hyperlink. If the matter can fall under two categories -- for example kit is relevant both under Culture and under Arts, then after writing [[Category: Travel and Culture]] , press enter and repeat the process -- [[ Category: Art and Entertainment ]].

It will finally look like this :