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Laptop lunch boxes are reusable, washable containers that allow parents to pack for their children a variety of food in a small space without needing plastic wrap or sandwich bags. They eliminate the practice of packing lunch items in single-use plastic bags, aluminum foil, or wax paper, or purchasing single-serving items in disposable package. Though extremely convenient, they come with a huge environmental cost.


[edit] Why Should I Be Aware Of It?

In the United States on average a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. This means as much as 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. Waste disposal obviously has both environmental and financial costs. And the food that is wasted costs more than $600 million, according to a federal review of the National School Lunch Program. [1]

Most children carry lunch in single-use plastic bags, aluminium foil, or wax paper which are disposed of after use. Lots of single-serving items come in their own disposable units.

[edit] All About Laptop Lunchboxes

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Waste Not Want Not
Faecal Attraction: Political Economy of Defecation (Sewage and Waste Disposal)
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Laptop Lunches[2] was developed by two mothers (Tammy Pelstring and Amy Hemmert) with a mission to help families improve lunchtime nutrition and reduce waste. And since they believe that healthy kids come from healthy communities, they donate a portion of profits to schools and environmental organizations.

Laptop lunchboxes are practical and fun ways to promote better nutrition and waste reduction. They eliminate the need for plastic bags, plastic utensils, disposable drink containers, etc.

You can stuff any of your kid’s favorite items, including leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, in these boxes without fear of wastage. Homemade lunches are not only nutritious but also cost less than pre-packaged lunches.

[edit] The Laptop Lunch Bento Box

In Japan making pretty lunch boxes is an essential skill which most women have mastered. With Japanese culture becoming popular in the West bento (Japanese word for lunchbox) gained worldwide popularity. The bento concept is “the eye also eats”. The food should not only be tasty but also visually appealing.

We all like to eat food that is nicely presented. Even a fussy eater is more likely to prefer food that is interestingly laid out. The Laptop Lunch Bento Box offers you a lot of creative ideas for making and presenting your lunch. School and office lunch can be packed delightfully. Even for the big guy who has a very physical job.

[edit] Laptop Lunchbox and Environment

The objective of laptop lunchboxes is to get school communities involved to promote trash-free lunch. It not only reduces waste but also teaches children important values.

Laptop lunchboxes are not only reusable but also recyclable.

[edit] What We Can Do About It

Quite like the older concept of TV Dinners, we can use Laptop lunchboxes to pack a variety of foods and give them greater presentation options. They are boxes with compartments, with lids on two of the containers, to prevent wet and dry food from touching.

As most vinyl products have a high lead content, we must be extra cautious about buying anything for children. The Laptop Lunch Bento Box is thoroughly lead free and is made using plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene) that are FDA-approved for food use. We can choose from the five colorful, modular containers and stainless steel utensilsLaptop in the Lunch Bento Box category. The outer container and inner containers are made of polypropylene and the lids are made of polyethylene. Both are recyclable.

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