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The term - LoLi-boomer - comes from the first two letters of the words 'love' and 'light', a greeting or sign-off used by the emerging multitude of green, spiritual and holistically-minded people, hence the loli-boomers.

Now pouring "out of the closet" and leading the way with recent consumer trends such as organics and healthy eating, life coaching and the growth of spa and complementary health treatments, the loli-boomers represent a new social demographic.

United more by values and outlook rather than age, wealth or race - although in gender terms, females are certainly in the majority - loli-boomers are characterised by an underlying urge to "feel good, look good and be good".

The bad old days of po-faced, sandal-wearing, knit-your-own-muesli approaches to alternative living are over and it's no longer necessary to be a doom-mongering, kill-joy if you want to do something about the environment or your life.

They embrace green issues with a sense of fun and whilst they are conscious consumers - realising that not everyone can drop out - they want fair trade foods to taste good and want to have a good time whilst saving the planet, living a healthy, but not health-obsessed lifestyle.

Loli-boys and girls are spiritual people who, not generally religious as such, have a sense of connection with all things and a compassionate worldview that makes them interested in their community, charity work, ethical living and the environment.

Statistics are hard to find, but in 2003 Virgin Money reported that "spiritual spending" - undoubtedly an aspect of the loli-boom - had reached an annual turnover of around £670m a year, with a new kind of consumerism based on yoga, acupuncture, meditation and massage plus other therapies and exercise regimes to help to combat the stresses of modern life.

Celebrities feature in the 'loli-boom', with figures like Gwyneth Paltrow, Davina Mccall and Madonna exposing new ideas on personal fitness, health and even childbirth to a wider audience. BBC Radio 2 presenter Janey Lee Grace, sidekick of Steve Wright, is a classic loli-girl who has even published her own guide to loli living - 'Imperfectly Natural Woman', recently an Amazon best seller.

By no means Luddittes, loli-boomers are likely to be i-pod owners (loaded with a fair share of 'chill-out' music) and very much at home using the web for health and lifestyle research, or connecting via special interest sites.

Official LolI-boomer site - [[1]

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