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Polarity therapy is all about balancing the body’s vital energy. The basis of this therapy, which incorporates eastern and western healing techniques, is that most illnesses are caused by blockages of the body’s energy currents. By removing the blocks, and allowing the currents to flow naturally, it is said that people can overcome ailments.


[edit] What is Polarity Therapy

Austrian born Dr. Randolph Stone developed the therapy over a period of some 50 years. He was trained in chiropractic, naturopathy and Osteopathy. In addition, he studied various eastern healing systems such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Yoga. Early in his career, he noted that after curing patients, there was often an underlying, residual condition that made them ill again later.

Seeking a solution, he deviced a system, where he adopted the oriental belief in a form of ‘life energy’ known as [Qi]] in China or Prana in India and modified it. He believed that this energy is what governs people’s physical, emotional and mental processes. When the energy fails to ‘flow’ properly, it results in pain and illness. According to him, blockages are also caused by bad eating habits, psychological problems and stress.

Dr. Stone deduced that good health depends upon ‘polarity relationships’- positive, negative and neutral- between different parts of the body and its five energy centers. According to ancient Indian thinking, these centers are:

  • Air (governing respiration and circulation);
  • Earth (bladder and rectum);
  • Ether (throat and ears);
  • Fire (bowels and stomach);
  • Water (glands and pelvis).

The aim of Dr. Stone’s polarity therapy is to balance all these complex factors and to do so he developed four techniques:

  • Manipulation and touch
  • Stretching postures
  • Diet
  • Thought and mental attitude.

[edit] The Four paths to health

Manipulation and touch -- The therapist uses his hands to release and then ‘polarize’ blocked energy currents which cause illnesses. Three types of pressures are applied - positive which involves manipulation of various parts of the patient’s body, from the toes to the back of the neck; negative, involving deeper pressure and manipulation, particularly of the tissues ; and neutral, involving a light, soothing touch with fingertips.

Stretching postures -- Exercises such as squatting, sitting with legs crossed and clasping hands behind the neck are to open up energy currents, tone muscles and ligaments and strengthen the spine. To help release tension the patient is asked to shout while doing the exercises.

Diet -- To clear the system of poisons and toxins as a result of bad eating habits, the patient is put on a cleansing diet for up to 14 days. Basically the diet consists of fruits, vegetable and juices. In addition there is a special ‘liver’ flush- a drink made of olive oil, lemon juice, root ginger and garlic. Once the system is cleansed, the patient is put on a ‘health building’ diet.

Mental attitude -- Through counseling, negative attitudes in the patients are explored and an openness to new possibilities explored. This is important in balancing the body and stabilizing the mind.

[edit] Ailments it cures

According to the practitioners, anyone who is ill can benefit to some degree from the therapy. However it concentrates on achieving balance, or polarity, in the patient rather than dealing with specific symptoms. For this therapy to succeed, it calls for the patients’ full co-operation, commitment and belief. For example, during treatment for low back pain, it is imperative that the patient follows the instructions and concentrates on the site of the pain and notes all the emotions, thoughts and mental images. This coupled with a precise adherence to specific diet and concentrated counseling, ends in positive results.

The results of a Polarity therapy session are multifold. It can result in relief from specific symptoms for which the therapy was undertaken or bring about a sense of peace and relaxation and clarity. It is also possible and has been noted that often times the condition for which, a client wants treatment, may not be the first thing that sees a change. It is a slow but steady progress and it may be necessary to have more than a few therapy sessions.

It is also particularly useful in migraine, pregnancy and post natal care, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain.

[edit] Some important facts

A normal session takes about 60 to 90 minutes

The results are cumulative, so the duration of treatment is never specified. One might have to do a series of sessions.

It is best advised to consult a healer before one starts any self exercises. Post that one can practice some exercises by themselves.

It can be done in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.

People with serious back pains and pregnant ladies should check with their doctors before starting this course.

[edit] Exercises to balance the body

Along with undergoing polarity therapy treatment with a qualified therapist, one can do some self help exercises to help balance the body’s energy. The exercises also help to boost one’s vitality and increase the general well being.

  • Basic Squat – Lower yourself slowly onto the general squatting posture. Then circle and rock gently to and fro to ‘open up’ and stretch your body. If needed, support your heels with pillows or cushions.
  • Variations on squats- First put your hands behind neck and elbows between knees. Let your arms become heavy to stretch the spine. Then lift up your chest, open elbows, press shoulder blades in and take deep breaths. Simultaneously shout or groan to release tension
  • Neutral sitting- Sit with your legs bent in front of you. Cross your hands and grasp your right ankle with your left hand and vice versa. Close your eyes and let your mind be at peace.
  • Woodchopper ha! - Put your feet slightly apart, bend knees and put your hand above your head as if wielding an axe. Bring your hands down between your legs in the ‘woodchopper’ action while at the same time shouting ha! To release tension, repeat the action till you are comfortable with it.

[edit] Did You Know

  • Although life energy is always in movement, it can become blocked or distorted in its expression from the accumulated stresses of life, or from injury.
  • Every part of the body is represented in the feet. By contacting reflexes that correspond to body parts, healing is stimulated in the body through the feet.
  • To attain the maximum peace, body and soul has to be in balance
  • 75% of disease and illness is caused by stress
  • Polarity Therapy seeks to harmonize people with he environment as well.

[edit] References

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