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[edit] Growing Alcoholism in Today's Women

If I am going to follow a god, why would I follow a god of my creation? That would be an alcoholic, idiot, jerk god! - William.j.Blake*

Today we are witnessing an era of the empowered women, the independent,self confident, financially secure girl who has everything in her and nothing can stop her from success. Men, first looked at them with contempt and neglect,then envy and today with reluctant and hesitant respect. Even that will fade away and soon the divide between them will melt away. Today's urban girl is the epitome of power,self assertion.She has earned her place on top of men,why should she be embarrassed? But then comes the universal law into action,that "He (rather she!!) who has power fancies the consequences of its abuse and corruption"..... I am talking of this new evil that has crept in ,amidst the middle class urban young women,the power is her financial stability,her strong personality and the corruption is ALCOHOLISM. For years it was believed that hard drinking and men went together,but a survey conducted by Bangalore's NIMHANS in 2005 found that drinking pattern or the age of starting drinking (about 20 years)....was not at all different between men and women of urban India. Young modern Indian girls want to break barriers and experiment. With job comes the money...and the evils along with it follow. Moreover in case of girls,a date,or her male colleagues are eager to pay for her drinks to her fill. This goes on and she never comes to know when she got hooked.And then ends up one day in the hospital,if its not too late already. In many cases the story never stops at drinks, addiction passes over to drugs and then the final "the end".And where the story starts? For the section of women and girls (I am talking about in 90% cases, it all starts with a harmless night out with friends and just a peg of beer or vodka -- "just to chill,just to change your mood yaar")!

Sensible girls of today just need to be told that thats the beginning of the end. But there's alway a streak of light in the darkness,the scene is not so bleak.One of the best solutions to reform alcoholic women is to persuade them to women's alcoholics anonymous groups or women specific rehab centres to combat the problem as well as respect a woman's need for privacy. Women alcoholics face greater social ostracism than men.They don't come out in the open for the fear of being branded as immoral.In most cases there's no support from peers or family. Our society,our Indian girls - today's Kali,have to realise that alcoholism is a DISEASE that knows no caste creed or sex!The sooner people stop denying this the better.

" Alcohol is a very patient drug, it will wait for the alcoholic to pick it up one more time "

  • " When a women drinks,its as if a child were drinking.Alcoholism is scandalous in women and a serious matter,its a slur on the divine in our nature"* - Marguerite Duras

[edit] Historical Significance

Historically hard drinking has been notable at all levels of society. Alcohol served as social bonding, tension reliever and helped arduous labor to continue. In many societies binge drinking was not always met with disapproval. In many Western countries raucous and drink induced public behavior by young people used to be tolerated.

However a change in perception came about later. Industrialization and technological advances made heavy drinking incompatible with economic efficiency. Also with rapid urbanization environments were created which did not tolerate alcohol related disorder. It is seen that binge drinking is common among the youth. It can also be called a passing phase

The World Health Organization has reported that there is a rise in the number of people aged 14 to 24 who tend to binge. The WHO report cites the increased availability of alcoholic beverages, coupled with the "aggressive marketing and promotion of such drinks aimed at young people," as possible reasons. They are not alcoholics but whenever they drink they do so in excess.

[edit] What Drives Young to Binging?

There are different personal and social motives behind binge drinking.

  • Among teenagers, curiosity and experimentation often lead to use of alcohol as an important element of enjoyment in social and sexual situations.
  • They are also driven by group pressure and the desire to appear ‘grown-up’. With age the frequency of alcohol consumption increases while volume of intake lessens. This makes binge drinking a transitional phase as it has been seen that most people leave binge drinking behind as they approach their mid-20s.
  • A research study conducted between infancy to 22 years of age among 1600 young people by the University of Melbourne, Australia, has reported that behavioral problems among even 5 year olds can be a precursor to binge drinking in teenage years.
  • Major problems identified were social factors, such as having friends who used substances or were involved in anti-social behavior, poorer family relationships, and some parenting styles.