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I read the Copperwiki article on Green Building with great interest, since I have worked on several such projects long before it became an issue for discussion.

I'd like to add one more observation. In our country, we have a wealth of wonderful indigenous building material which unfortunately is not used to its fullest potential because we as a nation, tend to blindly ape the West. For instance, in the West, it is essential that a lot of glass is used in buildings because it attracts and traps the heat from the sun. If you look around at the existing trends in India, there are huge buildings coming up everywhere with huge glass fronts, which not only trap heat inside the building, but also reflect heat and light back into the environment. Then the architect uses sun-control film on the inside surface of the glass to cut out the light and heat, and also increases the load on the Airconditioning, not to mention the cost of the interior project. Isn't that totally self defeating? All in the name of 'globalisation'

[edit] Hyderabad Airport -- world's first certified green building

The notable features of the new airport which makes it energy efficient are

  1. Reduced overall conductance for the walls and roof
  2. High performance glass with low shading coefficient and optimum visual light transmittance
  3. Overhangs and vertical fins to reduce solar gains, efficient chillers
  4. Efficient lighting using T5 lamps, amply day lit common spaces with photo sensor-controlled electric lighting
  5. Economiser and primary and secondary chilled water pumping for increased energy-efficiency
  6. The pumps used in air conditioning system in the airport are variable speed driver which takes care of energy consumption as it has a pick up sensor which based on the heat load and number passengers automatically controls the temperature of the airport.

The energy consumption without the green features would have been around 23 million KWH per annum but with all the green building technology the actual consumption is estimated to be 17 million KWH.