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[edit] The irritating mosquito bite

I live in mosquito paradise. I swear my colony seems to have the largest, hungriest and most noisy mosquitoes. I cam across this remedy actually by accident when my kittens were small and spent quality time spraying my house with fragrant cat pee.. I had heard that orange peel worked wonders as a cat pee deterant! As it turns out even the mosquitoes dislike it. I used to squidge the orange rind and spread it on my hair and around my bed to prevent the cats spraying me when i was most vulnerable i.e. asleep but guess what even the mosquitoes stopped humming around me. Then my nepalese chowkidar or gateman told me to burn some orange peel on live burning coal and the smoke would also deter the mosquies from entering the house. this even works for bed bugs by the way.

The other choice is burning dried garlic cloves and asafoetida on burning coal, not only will it drive the flies and mosquies away but also family and friends. I find this a better remedy.