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[edit] New Sleep Schedules

A shocking new research says that the Television instead of the sun determines our sleep timings these days. This might have adverse effects to our sleep as well as our economy at all levels. The brief fight between American's natural timing cues - the circadian rhythms determined by the sun - and the man-made cues brought on within the last century, mainly by the creation of time zones and the television broadcast schedule, has been looked at by authors Daniel S. Hamermesh, Caitlin Knowles Myers, and Mark L. Pocock in an article for the Journal of Labour Economics, "Cues for Timing and Coordination: Latitude, Letterman, and Longitude".

This research shows that the manner in which we structure our day have been dramatically altered. Data provided by the unprecedented Bureau of Labour Statistics' American Time Use Survey (ATUS), showed how Americans split their time between their three most time-consuming activities: work, sleep, and television watching. After merging ATUS with sunrise and sunset data, it was noted that although natural daylight patterns continue to have some effect on people's life patterns, American lifestyles have been thoroughly dominated by the demands of global business-market openings, etc and regular television schedule. The research said that they were "amazed how little daylight matters nowadays, and how much artificial time zones matter." The scientists conclude that while the "natural cue of daylight has some effect on timing...the entirely artificial cue of the timing of television programmes has still larger effects."

Source: Hindustan Times, Delhi Edition

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