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article is overloaded with a lot of trivia and takes attention away from the main issues.

Hey, I like the trivia! But I guess what you though of the article depends upon what you were looking for in the first place...

Anyway, I found these great kitchen ingredients that help safeguard against sun-related skin damage --

COCONUT MILK: With its mineral and fat content, coconut milk acts as the best moisturiser for dry skin during summers. Vitamins present in it lighten blemishes and hydrate the skin. Mashing pre-soaked almonds with honey and coconut milk also work on dark spots.

Use: It serves as an excellent base for scrubs or packs. You can also directly use the inner creamy lining of green coconuts. It acts as a lightening agent and reduces the darkening of inner thighs due to excessive sweating. People with oily skin and pimples must avoid using coconut milk as it might lead to increased eruption.

URAD DAL: Generally used in ubtans (herbal packs), it is a perfect exfoliator. The dal helps remove tan and uneven patchiness of skin due to sun exposure. “It also lessens stretch marks and works best on the blackness of elbows and knees. Its rich protein content repairs and rejuvenates the skin,” explains Dr Chabbra.Use: Soak a bowl of dal overnight. Grind it into a fine paste and rub on the skin for 8-10 minutes using gentle circular strokes. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for better results. Over-scrubbing may lead to rashes.

CUCUMBER: Known for its cooling attributes, cucumber juice is an effective remedy for freckles and sunburn. “It is a natural source of vitamin B1 and vitamin C, which are wonderful in treatments for skin eruptions, pimples, black heads, wrinkles and dryness of face,” says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.

Use: Mixed with a little yoghurt and lemon juice, its daily application helps reduce under-eye circles. While slices of cucumber have a soothing effect on eyes, in grated form it can be applied all over the face for a radiant look. Cucumber juice with a few drops of honey also works as a good scalp cleanser. Contrary to popular belief, cucumber may not necessarily reduce eye puffiness.

YOGHURT: For many, summer is a season for a lot of breakouts. Yoghurt or dahi is the best remedy to smoothen sun-damaged skin, reduce sunburn, itching and sun-induced redness. It works as a skin softener and can be used instead of soap or facewash as it works as a skin cleanser for both oily and dry skin. Yoghurt is an excellent base for base for both facial and body packs. Use: Add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to yoghurt and apply on the face, neck and arms for a lightening impact.

AMLA: Amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. It helps fight a number of skin diseases, gives your skin a glow and delays wrinkles. It is a popular treatment for sun-induced dandruff. Use: Have amla in a number of forms like murabba, syrup, powder or candies. It can be soaked in water and used as a scalp cleanser.

Warmly, Geetanjali