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Many people today are less physically active during their daily routine, due to the use of cars, labour-saving machinery, moving stairs, lifts, and so on. As well, food is far more plentiful, varied, quick and easy to prepare, making it more difficult to keep the required energy balance. Energy input (food intake) becomes greater than energy output (activity) when we eat more than we need or use and an excess of energy soon translates into excess weight

Why should I be aware of this?

Exercise helps to keep bones strong and reduces the chance of injury. Weight bearing exercises, such as jumping skipping, walking, aerobics, or netball, and strenght training exercises, such as pump (non-impact weight training) or circuit (continuous cardiovascular workout) classes are the best exercises for strong bones. it is good to do a variety of exercises so that stress is placed on a variety of bones and muscles, for example, tennis players have more bone strength in their dominant arm.

The "How to" and "When to" of exercising


  • The importance of exercise