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Home remedies for chicken pox are kitchen remedies for easing discomfort during chicken pox. Chicken pox is a form of viral infection. It is a very common and highly contagious disease. With very few medications available for reducing discomfort, people have depended on these home remedies for centuries.

Why should I be aware of this?

Chicken pox infection causes severe itching and skin irritation, but scratching at the blisters simply aggravates the problem and the breakage of blisters can be even more problematic. Chicken pox blisters, if burst or scratched at can cause severe and rather permanent chicken pox scars. The main concern for any individual would therefore be to minimize the itching and irritation and to resist the urge to scratch at the blisters.

Home remedies for chicken pox are very effective and beneficial. Since there are no particular medicines for this disease, chicken pox home cure remedies serve as the best treatment. Moreover there are no side effects. There are no home remedies for preventing or killing the virus.

All about home remedies for chicken pox

Once a person has contacted chicken pox, there is no medicine or cure available as a quick solution to curb the length of the infection.

To apply for relief from itching

  • Carrots and coriander -- Take 100 gm of carrots and 60 gm of fresh coriander. Cut them into small pieces and boiled for a while. The residue should be discarded. This soup should be taken once a day for treating chicken pox.
  • Oatmeal -- A bath of oatmeal is considered a natural remedy for relieving the itch due to chicken pox. This bath is prepared by cooking two cups of oatmeal in two liters of water for fifteen minutes. This mixture is then put into a cloth bag, preferably cotton, and a string is tied tightly around the top. This bag is allowed to float in a tub of warm water, and swished around until the water becomes turbid.
  • Brown Vinegar -- Half a cup of brown vinegar added to a bath of warm water will relieve the irritation of the skin.
  • Honey -- Smearing honey on the skin heals the skin in a very short time.
  • Pea Water -- The water in which fresh peas have been cooked can be used for washing the affected area of the skin. This provides relief from itches.
  • Baking Soda -- Put baking soda in a glass of water and sponge the affected areas. This will keep the patient/child from scratching the eruptions.
  • Rose water -- Rose water is a good application on the infected areas on the skin to give relief from itching and cool the skin well. It also helps external wounds heal faster.

Getting rid of the scars faster

Chicken pox very rarely leaves behind any kind of severe scarring. However here are a few home remedies that you can use to help in getting rid of the scars faster.

  • Vitamin E oil is very good for the skin; it will help in accelerating the healing process by nourishing your skin. Simply apply a thin layer of the oil on the affected area 2-3 times a day. This should be consistently repeated till you notice that the scars have visibly reduced.
  • Applying cod liver oil or aloe vera gel on to the affected area are also known to work beautifully on scars.
  • Honey is also considered to be an excellent remedy when it comes to treating scars. This is because it acts as a lightening agent, causing the scars to gradually fade away. All you need to do is apply a thin film of honey on the scars. Leave the application on for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. This should be done 2-3 times a day too


  • Carrot and Coriander -- Boil 100gm of carrots and 60 gm of fresh chopped coriander. Discard the residue and give the clear soup to the patient once a day.
  • Herbal Tea -- Prepare a mild sedative herbal tea using herbs like chamomile (babunah), basil (tulsi), marigold (zergul) and lemon balm (billilotan). A little cinnamon (dalchini), honey, and lemon may be added to this tea. 1t should be sipped slowly several times a day. Use Catnip tea sweetened with molasses. It reduces fever.

Alternative medicines

  • Homeopathic -- Some very useful homeopathic remedies are: Antimonium crudum, antimonium tartaricum, Pulsatilla, sulphur, rhus tox.

What can I do?

  • The patient should be given very bland, oil free food. Avoid food that is tempered as it has the tendency to irritate the throat. Avoid any spices.
  • Coconut water and thin buttermilk are very good. Also give plenty of fruit juices. These help in cooling the body and soothe greatly.


  • It is said that shingles are contagious. This is not so. You cannot catch shingles from another person. Shingles are painful blisters that result from an old chicken pox infection years before. After the chicken pox rash clears, the pox virus remains dormant in nerve roots and can re-emerge years later with painful blisters. The blisters do contain chicken pox virus which could be contagious for anyone who has not been vaccinated against chicken pox.

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