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Insulin is a hormone. And like many hormones, insulin is a protein. Insulin is secreted by groups of cells within the pancreas called islet cells. When it is not secreted in sufficient quantities, it leads to the development of Diabetes.


[edit] Diabetes Insulin

Once diagnosed as type-1 diabetes or even though type-2 diabetes but may doctor advised to take insulin shots for the effective treatment. Insulin a hormone needed for effective conversion of glucose into energy and keep as energetic and maintain blood glucose level.

Insulin is a hormone that has extensive effects on metabolism. Insulin helps and comments cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood and storing glucose as glycogen in the liver and muscles. It there is low or no insulin, body cells are not able to consume glucose, and the body begins to breakdown fat as energy source causing diabetic ketoacidosis.

Insulin is used medically to treat diabetes mellitus. Patients with type 1 diabetes depend on external insulin for their survival because the hormone is no longer produced by their pancreas. Some patients with type 2 diabetes may even require insulin if other oral medicines failed to control blood glucose levels.

[edit] Insulin types

Each Insulin type works at a different pace and most people have to use more than one kind to mimic their actual bodies system.

There are different types of insulin available based on the onset and duration time. They are Rapid-acting insulin, Short-acting insulin, Intermediate-acting insulin, Long-acting insulin and Very long-acting insulin.

[edit] Insulin Regimen

Depend upon individual body condition, life style, food habits and physical activity their insulin regimen is designed for efficient blood glucose control. Diabetes regimen begins with 2 insulin injections per day of two different types of insulin.

[edit] Insulin Storage and Handling

A good diabetes treatment starts with how properly the insulin is stored. Insulin does not work to its level when it's stored for too long or is exposed to extreme temperatures both high and very low.

[edit] Ways to take Insulin

Now a day’s there are more choices to take insulin that is Insulin injecting products, even the choices make us confusing to choose the best one.

[edit] Insulin therapy

Start your Insulin treatment by following procedure designed as per users experience and manufacturers suggestions for better diabetic care.

[edit] Other injectable medicine for diabetes type 1 & 2

Amylin mimetic or Pramlintide (brand Symlin) is a synthetic amylin hormone, secreted by pancreas along with insulin help to normalize blood glucose levels. It is used by both type 1 and type 2 diabetes for their effective diabetes treatments.

Byetta or Exenatide or Incretin mimetic is only for those with type 2 diabetes who take metformin, a sulfonylurea, or both. Enhance insulin secretion in the presence of high blood glucose.

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