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Meta-Medicine is a model which sheds new light on the cause of disease. Essentially a diagnostic tool, Meta-Medicine takes into account the biopsychosocial aspects to disease. That is, it looks at the emotional trauma, the physical clinical presentation and the environmental context of the patient.

The term Meta-Medicine means "beyond medicine" — a fundamentally new philosophy of health and healing. It is new, because instead of providing any form of medical diagnosis and treatment it focuses on the individual’s experience of illness and the meaning it holds for them.

In many ways, this approach is plain commonsense. But its practitioners believe that Meta Medicine represents a paradigm shift in medicine on a Copernican scale.


[edit] Principles of Meta Medicine

The Meta-medicine model unites the psyche, brain and organs into a unified whole. No longer is there a dichotomy between mind and body as seen in psychiatry and medicine. When considering disease, these three have to be taken into account.

The Psyche is the centre of thought, emotion and behavior. It is the aspect of the spirit that provides thought and direction. The psyche is the integrator of all functions of behavior and all areas of conflict. One could say that the soul codes experience. In other words, life's experiences define your personality. This in turn determines how you react to certain experiences.

The Brain is the main computer of all behavioural functions, conflict areas and organs. Meta-Medicine uses CT brain scans to inform the consultation. Like the rings of a tree give information on the tree's history, the CT brain scan records the history of significant emotional events. The brain also has direct communication with the organs and under certain circumstances will initiate changes in the organ.

Meta-Medicine is a truly holistic approach to health, based on the principle that illness itself can be understood not just as a pathological state of some sort but as a healing process — one that helps to make us whole. Many people who have survived serious life-threatening illnesses tell of how the process they underwent during their illness has changed them. They feel that they have not just "recovered", returned to how they were before their illness, but that they have got better — in particular that they are more in touch with themselves and better at being themselves — at expressing and embodying who they are. Meta-Medicine understands illness in general as the expression of a healing process of change — not just in our lifestyle or diet, but deep within ourselves.

[edit] The Meta Medical Approach to Disease

Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience. Here is an example quoted from a Meta Medicine website --

If a person has a fear of death, the system to respond (via the brain relays) will be the lungs. The alveoli inside the lungs (the cells that are responsible for oxygen intake) will start to multiply to increase the oxygen intake (for fight or flight purposes). This in itself is called a disease! This is what is now called in META-Medicine® the conflict phase.

If you are the person experiencing this stage, you may not feel anything happening. In fact you may be running around being very busy and obsessing about life in some way, but you may not have any extreme bodily symptoms that conspire to be refereed. If a doctor were to examine you, even though you may not feel anything extreme, there could be a diagnosis of a lung cancer, due to the speed and unrestrained multiplication of cells inside the lungs.

If the fear of death were suddenly to disappear, the microbes inside the lungs would then faithfully begin to dismantle the now unneeded extra cells inside the lungs, to be coughed out. That is then diagnosed as Tuberculosis!

This would be the regeneration or healing phase. You may ask yourselves; when in history have there been the most prolific cases of TB in UK? Well, that would be after wars, after the imminent fear of death has receded!

[edit] Did You Know?

  • Conventional medicine doesn't know the cause of 99 per cent of human illnesses!
  • From a Meta-Medical viewpoint all illness is essentially "psycho-somatic", but this is not because it is "all in the mind" or "caused" by psychological factors. It is psychosomatic because it expresses a mental split between soul and body.
  • Meta Medicine practitioners say that we need never fear symptoms and disease -- all we need to do is understand them, and trust our body's natural healing abilities!

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