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Metamorphosis (also called Metamorphic technique) is a safe non-invasive system of healing. It relies on the self-healing capacities of the body and can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapies. During a session of metamorphosis, a practitioner does a very light and soothing massage on feet, hands and head but also sometimes on the back. The technique is non-diagnostic and does not seek to solve any specific ailment. Instead, the attempt is to stimulate the reflex points on the body and to open up blockages that cause disease. The belief of this system is that once these blockages are removed, the self-healing abilities of the body will come into play and ‘transform’ the individual and take them beyond the disease-causing patterns of their lives.


[edit] Origins

Metamorphosis Therapy was developed by Robert St. John in England during the late 1950s. There were three approaches to healing that St. John was working with in the 1950s: Naturopathic medicine, the Bates Eyes System and Reflexology. His experiences with these healing systems led him to create his own approach to healing. He felt that the new system that he had developed was not limited to treating temporary symptoms, unlike the therapies he he had been working on earlier. Later Gaston Saint-Pierre who had in the 1970s, studied with Robert St. John developed his work and set up the Metamorphic Association.

[edit] Holistic System

Metamorphosis tries to deal with not just the physical symptoms but with the fundamental patterns that cause disharmony. Through the gentle working on the reflex points, it is possible to transform the energy flow and make them ‘healthier’. Alongwith many other healing systems, Metamorphosis also believes that a fundamental energy or ‘life force’ pervades all life. Blockages in the flow of this energy cause disease -- these can be physical, emotional or psychic problems. The blockage of energy can be caused by memories of our experiences. Metamorphosis believes that the roots of such obstruction can be as early as our pre-birth experiences in the womb. Energy patterns can then get stuck and need to be freed.

Robert St. John was convinced that he had created an approach that addressed these underlying causes that affected humanity, not only individually but also collectively. His ideas of transformation or metamorphosis were to help resolve the disharmony on the entire planet.

[edit] A metamorphosis session

A session of metamorphosis is done while the ‘patient’ is either sitting or lying down. The technique is non-diagnostic, and there is no attempt to go into the detailed medical history of the person undergoing Metamorphosis. In fact, the practitioner cannot predict or control the effects of a session. Some people undergo immediate and noticeable change, others may experience more subtle changes. People may come out of a session more relaxed or more energised. Some past symptoms may also re-appear over a day or two after a session of metamorphosis. The number of sessions that may be needed for changes to be visible is also variable. Sessions can be done once a week or as and when required. There does not seem to be a fixed guideline.

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