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[edit] Find ways to open the fridge as infrequently, and as briefly, as possible.

A good way is to organise your fridge so items are easily found, especially with larger capacity fridges (bearing in mind that uncooked meats, fish etc. ideally should not be stored above ready to eat foods). e.g. have the dairy items on one shelf, the meats on another, the fruit/veg on another.

With deep freezers, don't rely on memory and a frantic search - buy a small, self-adhesive whiteboard and washable ink pen for the freezer door and write down the item and the shelf/drawer as you store it.

Many items do not need refrigerating. Either because refrigerating offers no real benefit or because their frequency of use means the items are consumed well before they would expire in room conditions. It could be your fridge is bigger than it needs to be for your requirements! Lots of fridge, lots of electricity.

[edit] Make sure the light goes out when you close the door

Answers on a postcard, please...

Do we need a light in a fridge? Who opens a fridge in a dark room?

We had a fridge about 10 years ago and after a year the light bulb popped and we never got around to replacing it. After a while there didn't seem to be any point! We still managed to find stuff...