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Traydio Updates
Green Roofs the energy savers
Published on Dec 01, 2008 by Rita Bhatia
Slow baking; kneads must
Published on Nov 21, 2008 by Mark Savva
Becoming vegetarian
Published on Nov 14, 2008 by Radhika Bhatia
Mr Matt Harvey - November's Podcast
Published on Nov 27, 2008 by Matt HarveyWondermentalist CabaretLiv TorcPaul Wetton
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CopperWiki Updates
Safe sex
Safe sex, also referred to as protected sex is a way to enjoy sex while reducing the possibility of unwanted pregnancy and catching sexually-transmitted infections. Healthcare officials believe that all forms of sex carry some kind of risk and the only foolproof safety method is complete abstinence. Since this is usually not possible, you can practice certain precautions while having sex.
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Gluten is a protein that is composed of gliadin and glutenin. Gluten is an important source of nutrition. It is insoluble in water. It is gluten that gives kneaded dough its elasticity. When the dough is baked, gluten coagulates and gives the product its shape. Gluten also has the capacity to absorb which is why bread soaks up liquids. Gluten was separated from the grain by Buddhist monks and added to vegetable broths to provide protein to their vegetarian diets.
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Anti-wrinkle cream
Anti wrinkle creams promise younger, wrinkle free skin. They claim to arrest the ageing process of the skin. Research shows that though some creams are effective, their long term impact or efficacy has not yet been scientifically tested. There are also questions raised about the ingredients used in anti wrinkle creams. Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to look for.
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Events Updates
Excuses Be Gone! - Portland
In.spired.us  |  USD 50
Date: Dec 02, 2008
Venue: Oregon (United States)
Join Dr. Wayne Dyer in this All New Workshop based on the principles in
his New York Times Best-selling Book and PBS Special Change Your
Thoughts–Change Your Life. Plus, Get more in-depth knowledge and a
sneak preview of his next book Excuses Begone!
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