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Copperwiki is an open collaboration platform for people seeking choices for living a responsible life. It is based on the twin aspects of awareness and choice. Most of us are aware of the importance of conscious living and the urgency of making this concept a way of life. The Copperwiki world informs, encourages, and shares the best practices for living responsibly as individuals, community, society, nation and as a planet. It is a fast conductor for information.

Copperwiki is part of a larger network called CopperStrings - a cross-cultural, cross-regional, multi-skilled organization for highly collaborative and collective work; involving those who have a lot to share but can't; for discovering the treasures hidden below layers of our routines, habits, unquestioned conventions, judgments, fears or apathy.

“Living consciously is a state of being mentally active rather than passive. It is the ability to look at the world through fresh eyes. It is intelligence taking joy in its own function. Living consciously is seeking to be aware of everything that bears on our interests, actions, values, purposes, and goals. It is the willingness to confront facts, pleasant or unpleasant. It is the desire to discover our mistakes and correct them…it is the quest to keep expanding our awareness and understanding, both of the world external to self and of the world within.”

(- Nathaniel Branden)

[edit] What is Copperwiki?

Copperwiki is a quick reference tool when in doubt. It aims to help people in making an informed choice, by raising awareness. Copperwiki is unique in the lens it uses to view and discuss any subject. We can best illustrate with an example.

So if the topic is ‘Chicken’ then Copperwiki will not go into formal introductions to the chicken as a biological species, its origin (some say it was once a dinosaur), existing varieties, mating pattern, use in agriculture or even a brief debate on ‘why did the chicken cross the road’. Instead, chicken will be discussed or written in relationship to the enduring intimacy with human beings, mostly as poultry, in your favorite burger, the pie, the essential stew or even the soup for your soul. While you side-step the popular discussion on what came first – the chicken or the egg – you would want to talk about its long and arduous journey from the pen to your table.

If it looks good on your plate was it treated well before it got there? Number of questions abound - How it is bred, whether it was allowed to once roam freely and happily, the unsanitary conditions in intensive chicken farms, bad handling, crowded transport, use of antibiotics and growth hormones and what these imply for human beings, the butchering process, the chicken’s susceptibility to various diseases (including the bad press ‘Avian Flu'). While most of us are worried about safety and precautionary information as consumers, still others have worked hard on chicken rights. Yes, chicken have rights too. There are people standing in the court of justice asking for a fair and humane treatment for a species that has long endured suffering for its explosive popularity in gastronomic circles.

And no, we won’t get into the “what came first” discussion – either ways the chicken is out there, and so is the egg and so are we. We just need to work out a better arrangement of co-habiting together.

At Copperwiki, you can have your chicken and respect it too.